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If you have decided it’s time to dispose of your old furniture in Singapore, then there are a few BIG things to think about. From whether you can lift the heavy pieces by yourself and how to protect your flooring in the process to how you will get a truck and where you will transport the old furniture, there are numerous aspects associated with disposing of old furniture.

We’re here to lend a hand!

While it may seem like a simple task at first, furniture removal and disposal are quite challenging. Not only do you need to disassemble and carry about pieces of your old sofa or the bed, but you will also have to figure out what you’re going to do with them.

In case you didn’t know, Singapore don’t allow residents to dispose of furniture by leaving them on the curb. Junk Go Express is here to save you a headache and frustration of trying to get rid of worn and torn furniture you no longer want.

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It can be as simple as disposing or disposing of a mountain of old furniture!